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Smart Skills Gym...



the name does not describe not my weight training room, at the moment my garage at the house. Of course it is my personal Smart Skill Gym and you are welcome to train here. But for me, my Smart Skill Gym includes also the stairs where I do squat jumps, the wall on which I climb up, the hill I run up when I go for a doggy walk, the climbing hall and the Krav Maga training... Anyone can create a his own Smart Skill Gym. Our body is very thankful towards us when we develop useful skills such as strength, agility, stability, versatility, coordination, endurance and speed. You can create this kind of gym everywhere. Whether on a dirt road with sprints, in the driveway with lunges and handstands against a wall, in a forest balancing on tree trunks, in a nursing home in a hallway, in a weight room with free weights, in a living room on a mat... it does not require many devices to have many options to train. There are really little good reasons not for taking good care of our body but many poor excuses. Adapted to personal interests, lifestyle, timeframe, age, fitness level one may need a few creative insights to see the training potential of a simple environment. Mainly joy, consistency, perseverance and conviction lead to many goals, not only in the sports sectors. I train myself and with my clients as often as possible outdoors or with free weights in my garage. It is not a fancy gym, but it has simple and effective "gravity amplifiers" such as barbells, kettlebells, and bosuballs. I also visit clients in their usual training facilities. Together we extract the most  adequate exercises and training progressions. For me, it is important that everyone can makes the best out of the time of work out to get physically and mentally in a desirable balance.









Personal Training and Physiotherapy


At any age, level of experience and health, there are so many positive, beneficial effects related to regular strength training. A well planned and performed strength training routine aids your physiological potential, underlines your talents and targets weaknesses. Functional strength training increases your ability to perform life`s everyday activities. Therefore it prepares and equips you with more useful skills, helps to maintain and increase quality of life. Smart training prevents risk of injury and helps you recover from physical injuries. A well planned and well executed strength training program can be very fun and definitely rewarding:


  • prevents injuries and improves the physiological posture
  • improves overall health
  • helps to restore and balance vital hormonal function
  • optimizes agility, balance, and coordination
  • aids life`s everyday activities, thus granting more quality of life
  • can additionally increase and optimize performance in other sports, while preventing injuries 
  • improves maximum strength, explosive power, jumping abilities and muscular endurance


In personal training sessions, together we put focus onto individual goals,  regarding physical deficits or general limitations to make an optimal programming and effective progressions, suited to life´s situations. Make the best progress out of the time and effort you want to invest into your physical development. 

From a top athletes performance level to a severely impaired care level, there is no good reason to not start an adequate strength training today. 

From the point of view and law of Physics:

Force F = m (mass, so body mass) * a (acceleration)

Because we all consist of matter, so have a certain body mass, we need strength if we want to put it into motion. He who wants to stay in motion as long and freely as possible should understand that a weight training can be a fair life-time companion.





Emphases on Physiotherapy


preventive, rehabilitative exercises

manual therapy




treatment for craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD)

medically based training therapy (MTT/KGG)

neurologically based treatments

housevisits for the more seriously impaired




Emphases on Training


Naturally basics of physiotherapy are influencing training progressions. Prehab, rehab, staying injuryfree considerations are also taken into a daily workout. Most important are technical skills that respect biomechanics and also smarkt programming to reach both a higher performance and health level.  


basics of strength training

functional training

competitive powerlifting

olympic weightlifting and kettlebell training

track and field, running skills

Original Bootcamp Training in curses (https://www.original-bootcamp.com)

setup for trainingprogressions (only after several sessions to personalize and optimize)

training seminars




Jetzt kontaktieren!

personal training     80€/ hour

massage / manual therapy 60€/ hour

housevisit charge from 15€, depends on distance

Contact for other offers like workshops, training progressions, seminars in gyms, physiotherapy and more