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Kettle Bell Training is Awesome
About kettle bell training one can write an entire book of course. Here is a short list of why it is worth to get to know it and train with kettle bells on a regular basis. In addition to all kinds of sports and athletic goals I have, a playful or disciplined kettle bell drill a must have in my strength training units. Why? Lots of reasons. I can advise everyone to register for a course, attend workshops, or have sessions with a physio or strength coach. Lots of goodies you might find in a kettle bell workout that suit your needs and interests:
-A training device for many exercises, requires little space
-large repertoire for functional exercises (many muscle chains are trained at the same time)
-large room for each can of easy to difficult can be used
-improves balance and coordination
-improves stabilizing muscles
-mobilisiert their mobility improved joints,
-steigert the hull strength
-einsetzbar for maximum strength to strength endurance training
Sully says: kettle bell training rocks!
New Workshop Coming Up


World Championship in Benchpress 2016


2016 is here!

 a personal insight about plans, goals und dreams for this year...

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Fascia: what they are and what they do
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a blog for some recent news about training and competitions 

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An Elite of Foods

Yes, the list could be longer. Your list of favorable fuel foods could be different to mine. Here is a small selection of what is healthy, tasty and can´t wait to make it on your shopping list. 

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Workshop for Ladies

 3 hour workshop for a max of 3 ladies, eager to learn more about the basics of strength training to more individual variations and correcting in exercise techniques, rehab/prehab consultations and programming

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Training Seminars 2015 in Norway

Together with Sverre Diesen, we held so far three seminars in Norway. One about the basics of strength training and prehab for the rotator cuff, one about the importance of a strong core and exercises aiding martial arts, and one about powerlifting specifics. For next year we plan to have more. Here are some pictures:  

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European Championships in Powerlifting 2015

 German newspaper article

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