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Name: Gunda Fiona von Bachhaus

Profession: physiotherapist, personal trainer, coach

Competitive sport: powerlifting/ benchpress

Formerly competitive: olympic weightlifting, heptathlon in track and field, 400m hurdles, pole vault, volleyball

Other Sports: beachvolleyball, bouldering, indoor climbing, inlineskating, gymnastics, Krav Maga, parcours

Other Hobbies: photography, arts & crafts, spend time with my dog




In teenage years I was in track and field an ambitious heptathlon athlete. In addition to the outdoor training athletics I began to work out on a regular basis for general strength. My parents, Godula and Anton von Bachhaus, also introduced the big the exercises of powerlifting to me.  Certain commitment and talent was apparent. So I competed many years in athletics and powerlifting competitions. My track results just welcomed my strength gains!  For two years I trained and competed specifically for olympic weightlifting, but while studying sports science I decided to come back to competitive powerlifting. I qualified for international championships and take part with some successes. 2009-2013 I withdrew from the powerlifting scene during my studies for physiotherapy and private reasons. Back in the saddle, you meet me on a regular basis in my home gym or running, skating outdoors and bouldering and practicing gymnastics indoors again. And sometimes you can see me on the competition score sheets in powerlifting again.  


The field of work for a sports scientist and physiotherapists is large and colorful. I have trained many years as a track and field coach for various performance and age levels. Still, I act as a consultant for strength training for top level track athletes. Many years I wrote articles for "all stars". I have held inlineskating courses  for adults (beginners and advanced) and for children with heart disease during the study for physiotherapy. For many years, I am working as a personal trainer in addition to practice services. Because diseases never take a break, I frequently go out for physio house visits to patients that have more severe impairments. There it is necessary to improve the quality of life or maintain it as long as possible. After some physiotherapeutic treatments, I offer to accompany my patients to their usual training routines and help them ease in back gently, smart ,functional and independently to their sports. I also regularly attend seminars and offer together with other trainers workshops. Depending on the main targets, from basic lifting are to competition preparation to prehab/ rehab  issues will be presented and elaborated. Group courses such as boot camp training not only make an athlete´s heart beat faster, but their motivation and kick ass attitude is a real inspiration for a coach's heart!


Where unrealistic desires begin there my professional skills will end. Also, I have not acquired any certification as "Nanny" and "Entertainer". Neither can I drain off excessive body fat nor can I add muscle mass by massaging. I can give inform about non useful exercises,  advise to meaningful exercises, show, explain, correct, vary, customize and configure a plan. I cannot remove the athlete´s duty to train smart an skillful and at the same time promise success. You may exercise for yourself, in order to reach the goal you want to reach. As a human being with my determinations, knowledge, and experience as an athlete, coach and physiotherapist I will be happy to help you reach that goal.



Greatest achievements in Powerlifting/Benchpress:




National Championships (Germany)

won 10 times


2004 Jug/Jun, Sofia 2nd

2007 Koscian 1st

2008 Fiedek-Mistek 1st

2015 Chemnitz 1st


2004, Jug/Jun Pretoria 2nd, Gold in BP

2006 Stavanger 1st

2007 Sölden 3rd

2008 St. John´s 1st

2016 Orlando 4th



2005 Duisburg 5th




NC (Germany)

won 13 times


2006 Bordeaux 1st

2008 Bratislava 2nd

2013 Senek 1st

2014 Pilsen 1st (WR)


2005, Stockholm 2nd

2006, Miscolc, 3rd

2007 Thisted 1st

2008 Prag 1st

2009 Hamm 1st

2012 Pilsen 1st

2016 Rødby 1st (WR)


Arnold Classics

2008 2nd

2010 1st

2012 1st (WR)

2015 1st (WR)






NC (Germany)

won 2 times

Arnold Classics  

2008 5th

2010 5th 


Personal Records (-57kg,-60kg, -63kg, -67,5kg weight classes)





212,5kg equipped

142,5 kg raw


184kg equipped (-63kg)

165kg equipped (-57kg)

120kg raw


212,5kg equipped

200kg raw



hightest Wilk´s Points result in Poweerlifting 633

hightest Wilk´s Points result in Benchpress 201, first female lifter in IPF history to bench more than triple body weight