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"Gunda Fiona has proven, time and time again, to be one of the best strength athletes in the world. Years of experience in various sports, in combinations with being a physical therapist, makes her a top notch source for for those of us that are serious about health and fitness. Walk, no run, to this website if you want to change the way you think about training. "


Hege Nielsen

Ed´s wife, athlete, nurse, heroine



"Gunda Fiona is an incredible athlete, and coach. I met her many years ago and have witnessed incredible feats of strength and athletic achievements. This woman is good at anything she does!! That being said, her grasp of the body and how it works and heals is second to no one!! I trust her completely!"

Ed Coan


Hege´s husband, World´s greatest powerlifter, hero



"Dear Gunda,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to your help, I can walk upright, in the truest sense of the word, through life. Preferably I to not want to address this only to you, but all the people with impairments due to e.g. operations, who have restrictions by scar tissue formation. Involuntarily, I had my second C-section. Now, I am even gynecologist and therefore I do not repent this procedure. But what bothered me was that my scar bulged and deformed my outer appearance of my abs - even after I had reached my starting weight (57 kg). Pretty looks different. And much more I had a tied up feeling through my abdominal scar that bothered me. It felt like I could not stand up straight and the lower abdominal area pulled me into a flexion. 


Gunda, thanks to your persistent SCAR mobilization my scar not only visually much nicer than the first C-Section scar (and the bulging disappeared quickly), but also the pulling sensation eased off. My back is very thankful for that!


I can only recommend a scar mobilization of scars - as a doctor and a patient. About the scar kinesio taping I honestly cannot state much, except that it looked fantastic. (And I mean it!) I can not separate, how much influence your mobilization and how much had the tape helped on the improvement of the symptoms. But the taping made a very positive impression on me.


Gunda, you have most probable helped many people significantly in more essential impairments of their lives. Even if my "suffering" in the objective comparison seems low, you've given me back a piece of quality of life and physical integrity. The best side effect is that I was able to get to know you. You're a very kind, warm and wonderful person! Thank you!"

Dr. J.B.




"Dear Gunda,


I'm trying to express, what you're really doing in your job. I hope to have brought it more or less to the point! If it were not for you, I could not perform my job. No words can express how thankful I am for that! Thousand thanks and a big hug. See you!


In the last four years, I was several times with various diagnoses at Gunda´s physiotherapy. The treatments begin with a detailed medical history. She keeps a  holistically view on problems and symptoms and explains the theses and progressions of therapy. It is to recognize that she has a wide technical knowledge and based on many years of experience as an athlete it shows full interest on the matter and very versatile thinking. This will is beneficiary to me as a patient in my very individual treatment.


The rehab training Gunda is offering is targeted and precise. It offers simple and combinatorial exercises (also for at home), which on one hand, challenges but never overexposes. She regards my requests and preferences , estimates the level of my performance very accurately and keeps me from putting too soon too much strain on my body. The help for daily activities additionally to training recommendations, like correct lifting and job oriented demands, but also advice for restful sleep belong to her repertoire. None of my questions remained unanswered at her ever. Due to a calm and tactful way approach I can fully relax in treatments, her motivational and confident determinations supports me even when my optimism fades.


Thanks to the success of treatments she advised me already in strength training, running training, and sports specific training. In doing so, the observes and demands meticulously technical accuracy and can give detailed feedback for motion analysis. Together with her I met my limits but also regeneration. Highest priority she held among all aspects was always my health"


Sassy H., Athlete, Coach, Phys. Ed.



"Since 2002 I'm friends with Gunda and know their capabilities and skills as a person, physical therapist and athlete. Discipline, passion, expertise and a  determination to succeed are synonyms that describe Gunda very well on her field of work and sports. As a patient I feel I am in the best of hands. She can conclude diagnosis by detecting various symptoms and due to their broad knowledge, she is a competent help with all types of sports injuries as well as for getting back in the saddle. She is an awesome powerlifter and bench presser.  Gunda endows 3 Arnold classic titles now, 8 world championship titles, 6 European championship titles and and is the only athlete who holds the world record in the bench press in 2 different weight classes. Her knowledge as a physiotherapist, sports expert and world class athlete is a package that is offered rarely. But exactly this package is what makes Gunda so unique. And many patients and clients can benefit from this range as well as for active people concerning of personal training or for prehab/rehab motifs. Dear Gunda,  I wish you lots of fun and success in every way working with your patients and clients!"

Markus Schick

Secretary of youth, juniors & active in the bench press, 12 x world champion in bench press, 7 x Arnold Classic" winner in the bench press




"I have known Gunda since 2003 and could watch her development first hand as a team colleague in the powerlifting scene. Then and now her performances are  top level and she sets records. Through the study of sports science, physiotherapy training and the lifelong involvement in power lifting, she has a very wide range of knowledge in combination with practical experience.

Furthermore, she is a very creative person who likes to repeatedly push her limits. I'm sure that she sets smart together with their clients, and they will achieve them together – while certainly there will be some hard work´s sweat running not to the loss of fun. Much success!"

Francesco Virzi

Physiotherapist, National Coach Powerlifting (BVDK), Personal Trainer



"Gunda is an excellent trainer. The mix of physiotherapist and world class athlete, covers all the relevant areas in training, rehabilitation and performance sports. With her anatomical knowledge and years of experience at the top level in the power sports she offers ideal conditions to form customers and lead to excellence.
In the course of a recently held workshop with me in the gym, I could experience myself about her coaching skills. I am looking forward to future projects and training sessions together."

Benjamin Schütz





"Gunda Fiona v B is the best at what she does. She is National Champion, European Champion, World Champion and World Record Holder. When you combine this unique level of physical ability, and experience with being a physiotherapist, boot camp instructor and track coach, you get a skill level that extremely few people in this world can match. Combine this with curiosity, training intelligence, compassion and a deep understanding of human performance, ranging from sick or injured persons in need of physical rehabilitation to World Champions at the highest level - and you get Gunda Fiona v Bachhaus. Whether we are talking about seminars, personal training sessions, training programs or physiotherapy treatments you get, simply put:  the very best there is."

Sverre Diesen

National and Nordic Bench Press Champion, teacher of physical education and author of the book "Sterkere" (Stronger)





"Dear Sports


I want to thank you for so many things. From my childhood on, you have taught me many things. In the future you have even more in store for me. I'm looking forward to it. I rediscover you every day and yet appreciate again and again other values of. And by discovering you I get to know myself better. You showed me how much fun exercises are and how well they care about my body. I was honored to introduce you to other people and have witnessed how you promote their lives. Sometimes I injured myself while practicing together with you. Some may say you're guilty, you're not, I am. I was not careful enough. I have not followed your rules and did not yield to respectfully to the laws of my body. You have been and always will be an honest friend. Whenever I spend time with you, you give so much back to me. My body is stronger and more agile and my spirit is more balanced. Through you I learned what it means to be consistent and persistent , if I don't do something I can expect nothing. You made me unterstand this principle better, I understood that this advances me not only with you, dear sport, but also in other areas of my life. Together, we have set goals and pursued them with patience, dedication and joy, and have succeeded. You taught patiently and but strictly to expose my weaknesses, to make them stronger. You taught me also to use my strengths decisively and smart. That makes me a better athlete, and if I transfer your teaching onto other elements of  life, that makes me a better person.


Please forgive me, sometimes I forget to be fair to you. As you are to me.  You actually do perform wonders,  yet sometimes not quick enough for my impatience. Other times I pay too little attention to you and hope you don't notice that neglect you and expect you to treat me with more intensity. I blame you, that you're not effective enough, you wear me out and frustrate me. I'm the one to blame, that was careless and too irrational too demanding, when I do so little for you and my own well-being. I want to thank you that you do not resent that and backfire. No matter when I find back to follow your rules, you're immediately there and will help me to feel more comfortable in my body.


You, body, I would like to thank you! That you appreciate the sport I enjoy so greatly! You allow the sport to improve yourself  and to equip you for harder times. So many cells from you, dear body, respond thankfully to sports. Dear body, please forgive me if I sometimes exaggerate it, when I let you sleep to little had too and provided you with too poor nutrients, or took you to scarcely out for exercise. In your kindness you take up for so many mistreats and object sometimes very late and silently. If I listen very carefully to you, I am well able to learn and to understand your language. You always want my very best. I trust you. I will take my responsibility that you can rely on me as well.  Together we can set goals and achieve them. These aims are good for you and me. You're my home, my temple, thank you, that you shelter me, nourish me and empower me to so many goods. I  regard and honor you. Thank you, that I dwell through.


Sport, you're so resourceful. You do not command that there is only one and only  true type of sport, only one training method and the one technique. You have trained experts of which I can learn from and find new inspiration. You are in so many ways as various and colorful, sophisticated. As complex as we are, you suit and adapt to everyones unique needs. You offer opportunities for all ages and impairments, you create a platform for skillful performance. You make sure that I get sick less often and that I will never have to encounter with some diseases and sufferings.  Thanks to you  I have met some of the most valuable people on this planed who now are my friends.


You can offer me stability in phases when I am stressed, on days when I feel mentally depleted let you bring back new energy. If I'm carry worries and anger in me you would help me to let them go. Even if I again hold on to burdens after I met you, I feel rested and stronger, because you took off the load for a while. You teach me to let go and to focus, you reflector. No matter with which kind of mood I will confront you, you endure them all, you rock. Regardless of whether I  am happy or sad, relieved or frustrated, scattered or focused, angry or silly, tense or relaxed - you use all emotions and convert them into energy, you transformer! You are supporting me to bring me back in my center, you mentor."


Gunda Fiona von Bachhaus



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